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Peculiarities of the Digital Transformation of the Polish Economy
Analysis and Forecasting. IMEMO Journal

Peculiarities of the Digital Transformation of the Polish Economy

DOI: 10.20542/afij-2022-2-23-31
© Andrzej A. HABARTA, Elizaveta A. VINOGRADOVA, 2022
Received 23.02.2022.
Revised 29.03.2022.
Accepted 20.07.2022.
Andrzej A. HABARTA (, ORCID: 0000-0003-4236-3777,
Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University, 76, prospect Vernadskogo, Moscow 117454, Russian Federation,
Institute of Europe, RAS, 11-3, Mokhovaya Str., Moscow 125009, Russian Federation.
Elizaveta A. VINOGRADOVA (, ORCID: 0000-0003-2813-0571,
MGIMO University, Odintsovo Branch, 3, Novo-Sportivnaya Str., Odintsovo, Moscow Region 143007, Russian Federation.

The article analyzes the level of digitalization of the Polish economy and makes a comparison between it and that of other countries. The authors determine the role and place of Poland in the context of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as the degree of participation of Polish enterprises in this process. The analysis of the digitalization process in Poland’s economy is based on the reports of international consulting companies and data from the Polish statistical service. The authors come to the conclusion that local companies do not make sufficient use of the opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers them. Many of them do not have even the prerequisites for the automation and robotization of production, because they have not reached the final stage of the previous industrial revolution. It is important for Polish enterprises to succeed not only in consuming digital solutions, but most importantly in creating them. The level of digitalization of the Polish economy is fairly low compared to the world's leading economies. It will be quite difficult to change this situation, since the leaders in this field are not standing still, but moving forward. A significant problem on the way to digitalization of the Polish economy is the lack of trust in new technologies on the part of the Polish corporate leadership. The strength of the Polish economy is in the presence of domestic engineers, programmers and the basic elements of ICT infrastructure. But success in building the digital economy will primarily depend on government actions and decisions made by local corporations.

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Habarta A., Vinogradova E. Peculiarities of the Digital Transformation of the Polish Economy. Analysis & Forecasting. Journal of IMEMO, 2022, no 2, pp. 23-31.

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